Heat Trace Cable

Roof & Gutter Industrial


  • Roof and Gutter De-Icing
  • Fast, Easy Installation
  • Cut to Length
  • UL Listed
  • CSA Certified
  • Approximate Size 3/8"W x 1/8"H
  • Minimum Bend Radius 1-1/8"


HTS SRF-RG self-regulating heating cable provides reliable freeze protection of roofs and gutters. Because SRF-RG is self-regulating, it automatically adjusts to the appropriate heat output as ambient conditions change, making it both energy efficient and cost effective. The protective waterproof outer jacket is suitable for wet applications in downspouts and roof drains. Likewise, it is easy to apply SRF-RG following the provided instruction sheets and utilizing the required accessory kits. It can be cut-to-length and overlapped. Simply trace the gutter or roof and energize the cable when precipitation is expected. From that point on, SRF-RG will rapidly increase its output when in contact with snow or ice, providing maximum melting power. When the roof and gutters are clear of snow and ice, the SRF-RG cable will regulate its output and save energy.