Heating Cable

Roof & Gutter

HTS provides multiple heating cables for roof & gutter de-icing applications. Roof and gutter damage due to ice and snow can be expensive and inconvenient to repair. When sized and installed correctly, heating cable is a very effective way to reduce ice and snow related property damage with almost no regular maintenance required.  When coupled with our snow sensing control devices, we offer an energy efficient, effective and reliable way to prevent ice and snow buildup on building roofs and in gutters and downspouts.

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Self-Regulating ROOF & GUTTER Heating Cable - Commercial & Heavy Duty Residential - heavier design than competitor’s commercial & residential products, same construction as our industrial cable - this is definitely not “big box” store heating roof and gutter cable – this is the one you want!
Self-Regulating ROOF & GUTTER Heating Cable - Industrial and Heavy Duty Commercial - industrial grade roof & gutter cable for demanding applications.