Heating Cable

Pipe Freeze Protection

HTS provides multiple types of heating cable for FREEZE PROTECTION of both metallic and non-metallic pipes.  Our standard heating cables range in output from less than 3 watts per linear foot of cable up to 40 watts per linear foot of cable. Please contact an HTS Sales Engineer today with your requirements and we will help you select the right product for your application.

Please click on the links below to learn about our products.

Self-Regulating Heating Cable - Commercial & Heavy Duty Residential - heavier design than competitor’s commercial & residential products, same construction as our industrial cable - this is definitely not “big box” store heating cable – this is the one you want!

Self-Regulating Heating Cable - Industrial and Heavy Duty Commercial -  industrial heat trace cable for harsh environments and demanding applications.

Mineral Insulated Heating Cable - Large Industrial Piping Applications - high wattage capability reduces need for multiple passes, all metal design for maximum strength in all environments.

We also offer installation of cable and pipe insulation to complete your project. Contact an HTS Sales Engineer today to find out more!