Heat Tracing Control Panels

When it comes to multiple circuits of heat trace cable on pipes or large commercial roof & gutter heat trace applications, HTS has you covered! We offer complete control panel systems that include all of the code-required features you will need to properly install and operate multi-circuit, multi-location and multi-zone heating applications. Our UL  Listed control panels include optional features like ground fault monitoring, low current alarms, low temperature alarms, BMS integration, fire alarm panel integration, touch screen user interfaces, main/primary circuit breaker disconnects, and complete electrical distribution. Please click on the item below for more information:

DTS – Digital Display Line Sensing Thermostat for freeze protection based on actual pipe or surface temperature with local digital display of line temperature

HTLS – Complete Line Sensing Control Panels for 1 – 4 zones of freeze protection based on actual pipe or surface temperatures. Panel options include GFI protection, disconnect switches and electrical distribution for multiple circuits/zones of control

FPAS – Complete Freeze Protection Distribution Panel for up to 42 circuits of heat trace cable with GFI monitoring, main/primary circuit breaker disconnect and optional circuit monitoring capability.

ITAS –  The latest technology in pipe heating and roof &  gutter heating applications. Touchscreen control of up to 72 loops/zones of control. Features include remote monitoring, BMS integration, etc.

ITC - Designed for line or ambient sensing heat trace applications and is intended for use in industrial locations in either hazardous (Class I, Division 2) or non-hazardous environments.

F200 - 2 and 4-pole devices designed to protect against AC ground faults (AC type) and both AC and pulsating DC ground faults (A type).